Why It’s “Uber and Out” in China

Ultimately, Chinese culture prevailed.

Fortune-telling compass: CC license Fraxinus2

There is an old Chinese saying: “Perseverance can make an iron bar into a needle.”

Who’s in charge in China?

There was no Moses in China: there was no Plato in China. There was, however, Confucius, who outlined the virtues of knowing the most appropriate way to act in any given situation.

“Son obeys father, wife obeys husband, husband obeys the state.”

One of the hallmarks of Chinese negotiating style is the insistence of one’s position again and again, despite logical challenges to that position by the other side, until the other side eventually folds.

Repeat after me …

Truth is relative.

World traveler (100+ countries), cross-cultural business expert, author, speaker, founder of DFA Intercultural Global Solutions, www.deanfosterglobal.com

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